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Took me a while due to other things, but I definitely think you'll like this one.

Like I said, this is no longer just a remake of an entire season. This is a trilogy novel/movie/game in written form, half based on my favorite game trilogy, "The Legend of Spyro". For those of you who are Spyro fans, I highly recommend it……though this version of Spyro might not be up to your standards if you're hooked on the classic Spyro. But for those who also enjoy "The Lord of the Rings", then this might also be for you. It's an ambitious project to be sure, but i'll do my best to get it done.

Here, we've got a who's who of main characters in this first volume. And it's a funny thing, too, because it's also kind of a tier list involving all of these characters. But i'll also say I wasn't kidding about taking this to TLoS levels of similarity with its plot. This story will have it's own Cynder in the form of a new Nightmare Moon created by Tirek, and King Sombra using a pegasus stallion and the remnants of NMM's armor, holding her residual essence, to create a new nightmare — as a partial basis for their army, The Tiracians.

But who is this mysterious stallion who names himself "Night Terror"? And why is he in the service of Lord Tirek? Very important questions to be sure, and the answer might be a bit of a tease. For now, though, how about we oversee this "tier list" in terms of either power, or something else. For now, let's also consider significance:


(Left and right respectively) Purple Shadow Grogar, and Blue Grogar: Source main villain/s of the whole series.

(Middle) Lord Tirek: Main Villain as both Grogar's "Dragon", and as "A Knight of Cerberus", which are both real tropes you should look for if you don't know what they are. Or at least what they mean. And is main villain of the WHOLE series alongside Grogar.

(Left and right respectively) Night Terror, and Scorpan: The Former is the main antagonist of the first story, "The Light of Harmony's Hope", while the latter is a leading Secondary Protagonist, which means he is as much of a main heroic character as the Mane and Student Six.

(From Left to Right) Queen Chrysalis, The Storm KIng, Cozy Glow, A Tiracian Drone, and a Soldier, King Sombra, and Erebus/The Pony of Shadows: They all are the sub-villains, or secondary villains who work under Grogar and Tirek. The Tiracian race is their army, and act as their footsoldiers. But the actual villains are squabbling, bickering fools trying to work together while also vying for control. Hell, Sombra is always trying to challenge Tirek in some way, because he knows the centaur is who he has to go through first before Tirek. Though he'd also have to deal with Erebus, who is servant to Emperor Grogar, and in turn his Avatar, Tirek. Make no mistake, however, when I say that they WILL be vital in the Djinn of Darkness' return to power.

And finally,
(In the middle, from left to right) Silverstream, Sandbar, Smolder, Prince Dusk Shine, Ocellus, and Yona: These are who you call the main PROTAGONISTS. In other words, the heroes of the series. This story is ultimately about how Dusk Shine, and the Mane Six end up passing down the torch of heroism to a new generation in the form of The Student Six, who were gifted with their own, unique crystal gems nicknamed "The Neo Elements". Made all the more official when King Sombra annihilated the tree of harmony, and the old elements with them. Something which will have dire consequences later on. But by the end of this, because Dusk Shine has a much deeper connection to the Tree, and the Bahamut/Elder God spirit who lives within that allows him to remain consistent, and aid the Student Six in vanquishing their old enemy in a new face, otherwise still known as Night Terror.

There are also of course The Elements of Harmony, and The Bewitching Bell of Tambelon, where it was refined, and made into the instrument of anarchy that it is now. Both are important MACguffins in the story, and play vital roles throughout the series. Of course, the heroes will be far too busy trying to handle Night Terror to realize he's only an elaborate distraction for The Legion of Doom's true plans. He's little more than a patsy until they can achieve their ultimate goal.

The War for Light, and Darkness is gonna make a return soon, and all must beware the storm that follows.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this, and have a good night.

All of the respective art goes to their respective owners, among them being MelSpyRose, Orin331, and TechRainbow who designed the element gems
safe1640690 artist:kahnac47 cozy glow6906 gallus6359 grogar1306 king sombra13284 lord tirek5171 ocellus4993 pony of shadows469 queen chrysalis33691 sandbar5190 scorpan296 silverstream5812 smolder7394 storm king1159 twilight sparkle291903 yona4839 oc643922 oc:erebus19 oc:tiracian8 alicorn211330 centaur3096 changedling7850 changeling44200 changeling queen14566 demon2721 dragon52247 earth pony224551 gargoyle256 goat1030 griffon25613 hippogriff9029 satyr4823 shadow pony132 umbrum1045 yak4340 my little pony: the movie18491 the ending of the end3010 spoiler:s09519 alicornified5082 bell4189 cozycorn637 dusk shine2300 element of generosity799 element of honesty801 element of kindness865 element of laughter801 element of loyalty972 element of magic2117 elements of harmony2397 fanfic10299 fanfic art13722 fanfic cover1207 female1306319 grogar's bell435 legion of doom276 male351553 prince dusk336 race swap13637 ram623 rule 6325859 student six1545 teenaged dragon1268 teenager4428 the young six16 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119977 villains of equestria57


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@Background Pony #4E00
I guess that's one way to put it, considering who Night Terror (NMM's r63 double) is using as his host in order to serve both Tirek, and Grogar. I think when it comes to the Nightmare, gender is of no consequence. Anyone can become a Nightmare under the right circumstances, as folks will eventually learn.
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Background Pony #F2A9
So it's a spyro based AU where only Luna/NightmareMoon and Twilight Sparkle are genderbent?
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