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I don't know why so many of you thought the comic was finished after last week's page? NO WAY HOSÉ. There's still MUUUUCH more to come, like, WAY WAY more so don't you worry, this story is just getting started.

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safe1640717 artist:becauseimpink157 applejack164666 fluttershy205813 rainbow dash226713 rarity176053 twilight sparkle291907 earth pony224556 pegasus266519 pony906202 unicorn296013 comic:transition121 applejack (male)1047 blushing186684 butterscotch1808 comic104769 cup5937 dialogue62083 dusk shine2301 elusive1178 glowing horn18263 horn56036 magic69821 male351560 rainbow blitz2344 rule 6325860 sitting59131 stallion100804 telekinesis26258 transgender1630 unshorn fetlocks22966


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