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Voilà un autre gros projet que j'ai mis que seulement 4 jours à finir.

It is not difficult to identify the reference of picture.

Il n'est bien sûr pas difficile de se repérer sur quel référence est tirée cette image.

Voilà un autre gros projet que j'ai mis que seulement 4 jours à le finir.

-Adobe After Effect CC

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safe1587988 artist:bastbrushie284 artist:vbastv46 indigo zap2328 sour sweet3092 sugarcoat3108 equestria girls183147 friendship games11984 bowtie8822 car5601 city3767 clothes415383 crossover58274 crystal prep academy924 crystal prep academy uniform3225 crystal prep shadowbolts1281 destruction1337 ear piercing22316 female1228401 fire10213 freckles25419 glasses55314 goggles13177 grand theft auto609 gta online19 gta v211 gun14801 los angeles51 los santos7 m4162 micro uzi5 mp563 palm tree1276 piercing35691 rockstar games24 school uniform6736 skirt36224 tree28331 trio7467 uzi50 vinewood1 wallpaper17804 weapon27724


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Background Pony #1D41
@Konata Izumi Pony

Sugarcoat: Michael
Sour: Trevor
Indigo: Franklin

Agree definetly, although i think Lemon Zest could be more perfect for Franklin, despite the fact that she is more nice than Franklin, but who know's
Background Pony #D177
Women jacking cars, holding up stores, shooting cops…yup!
Come to think of it…in GTA V Online, you can play as a female character.