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Spice up your life, why dontcha! Enjoy!
(Original sketch:

The night was filled was confetti and cheers, everypony and everycreature was having the time of their lives, dressed in such regal clothing and donning masks to make the fancy look complete. Of course, it didn’t take a genius to figure out who were behind the masks, but it did bring some fun to the big masquerade party. One of the guests certainly caught some eyes and brought such a glow to the event, the beautiful chef mare from Restaurant Row was there, with her mane long and soft, wearing gleaming reds and purples, and a fancy mask to boot. Saffron Masala thought it would be fun to be at a party like this, looking her best and going on to dance and sing with the others in town.

Another Saffron/Esmeralda doodle in the banksies!

Now before anyone asks how this is related to Esmeralda, there has recently been a doll line-up (Yes, I know. Calm down.) from Disney, with some Disney ladies in masquerade clothing and masks. It was a neat lookin’ line-up, some being exclusive to the D23 event a while ago and whatnot. I thought they looked lovely and was about to go on with my day untiiiiiiiil I noticed that Esmeralda and Megara were included, even Giselle had one for D23.
I thought that was insane since you practically get nothing with those ladies, no merch or collectibles, so seeing them get some attention again I thought those would be worth getting.

Of course, since Saffron and Esmeralda share the same levels of loveliness (and floofy hair), I thought it would be nice to doodle the chef pone as the gypsy again.
I thought it would be a bit hard to doodle, since the sketch was pretty busy with all the touches of details from Esmeralda, but I managed to pull through.

*Saffron Masala-Hasbro
Esmeralda-Victor Hugo/Disney*


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