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Before you ask, I’m still working on the chapter right now. The story is on FIMFiction.
safe1583072 edit119292 edited screencap57111 screencap205577 adagio dazzle11994 applejack159557 aqua blossom556 aria blaze9145 big macintosh26665 bulk biceps3231 cherry crash583 curly winds591 derpy hooves48127 dirk thistleweed143 dj pon-328038 fleur-de-lis3301 fluttershy199369 frosty orange233 hunter hedge83 laurel jade49 microchips1264 octavia melody22560 peppermint azure29 photo finish2488 pinkie pie204081 rainbow dash220528 rarity170731 raspberry lilac134 sandalwood1009 sci-twi21757 scott green404 snails5103 snips4018 snow flower119 some blue guy565 sonata dusk12644 starlight glimmer44495 sunset shimmer57347 trixie62766 twilight sparkle283317 vignette valencia636 vinyl scratch28040 wallflower blush1714 wiz kid623 zephyr breeze2087 equestria girls182407 equestria girls (movie)6551 equestria girls series29116 let it rain181 lost and pound176 sunset's backstage pass!2127 wake up!299 spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2)1315 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12092 fanfic10168 fanfic art13133 fanfic cover1156 female1163036 humane five2864 humane seven2157 humane six2741 male308605 mc dex fx64 phone5278 road773 the dazzlings4053 wake up!: rainbow dash161


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