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Celestia: Hi dear, how's Harmony?

Chaotic: She still has a high fever…

Celestia: Owww my little princess… Well it's time for her medicine.

Chaotic: … Cover Harmony with his tail

Celestia: Ummm dear? can you give me space please?

Chaotic: Sorry mother, but that is an order that I can't perform

Celestia: … why?…

Chaotic: I promised to take care of my dear little sister while she is weak, and I will not let anypony comes close to her… including you and father

Celestia: Sunshine, I need to give her the medicine, so she can feel better sooner…

Chaotic: … Give me the medicine and I'll give it to her…

Celestia: ……

Chaotic: ……

Celestia: Sigh Ok, ok you win…

Chaotic: takes the medicine with his magic

Celestia: Giggles Thanks for take care of Harmony

Chaotic: … Don't worry mother…


It have been a while since I don't draw Harmony… T w TU
I almost forgot about her lol

O well, here a drawing of Chaotic and Harmony… I don't like it so much
and…. guys thank you for the 4600+ watchers > w <!!!
Thanks for your suport!

Funfact: Yep, Chaotic calls Celestia and Discord, "mother" and "father" very formal the little prince (?)
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