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So you guys remember about this journal last week?

Well here they are! (Well most of them…some need help designing )
NOTE: The Ships and Kids live in the Human World of the MLP Universe! These are their Pony Forms.
Top Row~
Callie le Gata: Daughter of Rarity and Capper (originally designed by srbarker back in 2015. She was originally a RariLane Kid [LINK])
Sucker Punch: Daughter of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps (also designed by srbarker)
Aurora Rays: Daughter of Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry (Adopted from Smileverse now Harmony-Universes)
Storm Shower: Adoptive Son of Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry
Indigo: Son of Spike and Ember (designed by spiritumiracle)
Green Apple: Son of Applejack and Soarin' (Color palette by spiritumiracle)
Bottom Row~
Sodalite Jazz: Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Tempest Shadow (Original color palette by spiritumiracle)
Orchard Blossom: Daughter of Big Macintosh, Shining Armor and Cadance (designed by spiritumiracle)
Gala Shield: Son of Shining Armor and Big Macintosh (Adopted from melodrama)
Cranberry Lemonade: Daughter of Big Macintosh and Cadance (Adopted from katamariluv back in 2016. Finally found the perfect use for her XD [LINK])
Flurry Heart: Daughter of Shining Armor of Cadance (Cutie Mark made by Faith-Wolff)
More kids coming soon when I get more of them drawn
I will post the pictures seperately for their bios
(I wanna see how well is it without the copyright. Please NO stealing!)

Hope you guys like them!

MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust/DHX Media
All characters and Art (C) Me!
safe (1482876) artist:shelbi-cat (9) princess flurry heart (5771) oc (554436) oc:aurora rays (1) oc:callie le gata (1) oc:cranberry lemonade (1) oc:gala shield (1) oc:green apple (8) oc:indigo (30) oc:orchard blossom (6) oc:sodalite jazz (1) oc:storm shower (2) oc:sucker punch (8) alicorn (175103) cat (4736) cat pony (282) dragon (42095) earth pony (165967) hybrid (12942) original species (19730) pegasus (206088) pony (761958) unicorn (225613) dragon oc (566) female (807761) goggles (12137) interspecies offspring (5574) magical gay spawn (706) mare (364346) next generation (5569) offspring (30567) parent:applejack (2908) parent:big macintosh (2248) parent:bulk biceps (350) parent:capper (158) parent:flash sentry (2303) parent:fluttershy (3542) parent:princess cadance (1222) parent:princess ember (256) parent:rarity (3161) parent:shining armor (1074) parent:soarin' (1976) parent:spike (1822) parent:sunset shimmer (1231) parents:cadmac (241) parents:capperity (99) parents:emberspike (81) parents:flashimmer (186) parents:flutterbulk (285) parents:shiningmac (21) parents:soarinjack (128) parents:tempestpie (11) raised hoof (34053) simple background (308809) smiling (193206) transparent background (160969) unshorn fetlocks (19857)


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