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So you guys remember about this journal last week?

Well here they are! (Well most of them…some need help designing )
NOTE: The Ships and Kids live in the Human World of the MLP Universe! These are their Pony Forms.
Top Row~
Callie le Gata: Daughter of Rarity and Capper (originally designed by srbarker back in 2015. She was originally a RariLane Kid [LINK])
Sucker Punch: Daughter of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps (also designed by srbarker)
Aurora Rays: Daughter of Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry (Adopted from Smileverse now Harmony-Universes)
Storm Shower: Adoptive Son of Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry
Indigo: Son of Spike and Ember (designed by spiritumiracle)
Green Apple: Son of Applejack and Soarin' (Color palette by spiritumiracle)
Bottom Row~
Sodalite Jazz: Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Tempest Shadow (Original color palette by spiritumiracle)
Orchard Blossom: Daughter of Big Macintosh, Shining Armor and Cadance (designed by spiritumiracle)
Gala Shield: Son of Shining Armor and Big Macintosh (Adopted from melodrama)
Cranberry Lemonade: Daughter of Big Macintosh and Cadance (Adopted from katamariluv back in 2016. Finally found the perfect use for her XD [LINK])
Flurry Heart: Daughter of Shining Armor of Cadance (Cutie Mark made by Faith-Wolff)
More kids coming soon when I get more of them drawn
I will post the pictures seperately for their bios
(I wanna see how well is it without the copyright. Please NO stealing!)

Hope you guys like them!

MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust/DHX Media
All characters and Art (C) Me!
safe1640718 artist:shelbi-cat11 princess flurry heart6851 oc643939 oc:aurora rays1 oc:callie le gata1 oc:cranberry lemonade1 oc:gala shield1 oc:green apple9 oc:indigo53 oc:orchard blossom7 oc:sodalite jazz1 oc:storm shower2 oc:sucker punch15 alicorn211333 cat5898 cat pony457 dragon52249 earth pony224559 hybrid16913 original species23219 pegasus266521 pony906206 unicorn296014 dragon oc784 female1306334 goggles13590 interspecies offspring6657 magical gay spawn964 mare450373 next generation5856 offspring36310 parent:applejack3578 parent:big macintosh2887 parent:bulk biceps372 parent:capper dapperpaws185 parent:flash sentry2815 parent:fluttershy4430 parent:princess cadance1467 parent:princess ember323 parent:rarity3843 parent:shining armor1277 parent:soarin'2294 parent:spike2090 parent:sunset shimmer1376 parents:cadmac242 parents:capperity108 parents:emberspike92 parents:flashimmer217 parents:flutterbulk291 parents:shiningmac23 parents:soarinjack138 parents:tempestpie29 raised hoof42152 simple background371330 smiling230587 transparent background192737 unshorn fetlocks22966


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