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safe1638979 artist:akweer224 twilight sparkle291691 alicorn211026 anthro245602 unguligrade anthro45401 abs10135 back muscles43 biceps1052 breasts260680 busty twilight sparkle11380 clothes435471 deltoids202 dumbbell (object)107 female1304784 flexing1098 looking at you156708 looking sideways925 mare449572 midriff18758 muscles11013 shorts13108 simple background370646 sketch60018 solo1019774 sports bra2793 sunglasses13710 thighs10777 thunder thighs7562 twilight muscle417 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119913 white background91909


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Background Pony #5452
From source:
"When already read all the books of Equestria and decided to find myself a new hobby.

Bodybuilding is magic!"
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