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Happy holidays from the Crystal Empire!
artist needed25658 safe1640623 princess cadance31539 princess flurry heart6850 shining armor22371 alicorn211308 deer5125 pony906129 reindeer1840 unicorn295975 animal costume1915 antlers1878 baby10060 baby pony6314 bell4189 candy6685 candy cane2373 christmas13744 christmas tree4078 clothes436155 costume26409 crystal empire2187 cute189845 elf hat89 fake beard292 female1306253 flurrybetes900 food66050 happy hearth's warming50 hat81879 hearth's warming846 hearth's warming tree115 holiday19020 horn56012 jingle bells210 male351544 mare450352 merry christmas475 present5809 red nose357 reindeer antlers484 reindeer costume149 rudolph the red nosed reindeer173 santa beard48 santa claus404 santa costume1499 santa hat5976 santa hooves35 sleigh257 stallion100801 tree30406 wreath883


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Background Pony #4C12
@Background Pony #F474
HAHA! Shining Armor is going to look stupid! SHINING ARMOR THE RED-NOSED ROYAL GUARD! That is too hilarious! Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Junior Asparagus are gonna take photos of Shining Armor in his reindeer outfit on their iPhones!
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