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safe1636770 artist:becauseimpink157 applejack164339 fluttershy205373 pinkie pie209653 princess luna96417 rainbow dash226284 rarity175711 sweetie belle47746 twilight sparkle291378 pony901770 unicorn293985 comic:transition121 applejack (male)1047 bubble berry1533 bust45410 butterscotch1804 chest fluff35324 colt14041 comic104536 dusk shine2301 elusive1175 eyes closed85974 flying36100 freckles26753 glowing horn18195 grin35482 hair over one eye8554 hat81572 horn55384 male350224 mane six30800 night24712 prince artemis631 rainbow blitz2340 rule 6325810 silver bell175 smiling229599 stallion100270 stars14603 transgender1610


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