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safe1638978 screencap213705 cozy glow6894 king sombra13275 lord tirek5160 queen chrysalis33672 centaur3085 changeling44099 changeling queen14492 pegasus265917 pony904741 unicorn295320 the beginning of the end2077 bow26541 cape9734 clothes435471 cloven hooves9378 colored hooves5219 colored horn587 cropped47334 curved horn6300 female1304783 filly62847 flying36166 group3263 hair bow14480 horn55737 legion of doom276 male351021 nose piercing2524 nose ring2029 piercing38073 stallion100622


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

Just a jack of all trade
@Background Pony #8164
Or Tirek and Sombra both could've used their powers and made a bigger hole on the magical shield that protected the bell and it that way, it wouldn't have been necessary to drain Chrysalis's power.
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Background Pony #1826
I'd say they wouldn't have been able to get Grogar's Bell, but Tirek could drain Sombra's magic and then Chrysalis could change into something smaller. It's possible none of them would suggest Tirek drain one of them, though. Sombra is probably less likely to submit his power for someone elses use than Chrysalis was.
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