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Khunis looked at Parcly as she looked down below at the various cities that lit up the night. She was absolutely astonished about being on a cloud that she couldn't help but feel the fluff beneath her hooves. Just to see her smile was all that he wanted to give her today. Something she had always wanted.
safe1637336 artist:adhiguna66 artist:johnathon-matthews97 oc641638 oc only426154 oc:khunis jirall31 oc:parcly taxel421 alicorn210620 genie1516 genie pony346 pony902645 unicorn294304 albumin flask257 absurd resolution64804 alicorn oc24420 armband821 birthday present51 bracelet8558 cloud28905 crown15451 ear piercing23909 earring19502 female1303233 horn55470 horn ring5282 jewelry57004 male350386 mare448669 night24720 on a cloud1353 piercing37978 regalia18092 stallion100330 stars14607 wingless3793


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