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Originally posted on: July 26, 2016
I decided to sell her because I don't use her : |
Make an offer higher than $7.00/700
What I am mainly looking for:
- Money
- Points
What I am willing to except
- Other Characters (pony)

owned by my lovely bab Gypsy-Meadow
safe1636663 artist:peachesandcreamated218 oc641192 oc only425935 oc:glitter glitz2 classical unicorn3874 pony901663 unicorn293946 blushing186016 cloven hooves9352 female1302639 floppy ears48707 heart eyes15148 hoof fluff1325 horn55366 leonine tail7734 long feather75 looking back53189 mare448392 simple background369751 smiling229570 solo1018020 starry eyes3037 transparent background192095 underhoof49041 unicorn oc6193 unshorn fetlocks22890 wingding eyes20619


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