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Someone requested me to do this(I'm not sure if he/she wants me to mention his/her name), so I didn't use a base. But I don't own the background.

Background: www.deviantart.com/boneswolbac…
Background owner: BonesWolbach

Queen Sunset Shimmer X Flash Sentry: princess Sunrise

Hope you like it! Also, I finally created Sunrise's cutie mark!
safe1640718 artist:californsaishi0019 flash sentry12372 sunset shimmer60159 oc643937 oc:sunrise61 alicorn211332 pony906204 alicorn oc24527 alicornified5082 base used17666 deviantart watermark2999 family4264 female1306331 flashimmer1947 male351561 obtrusive watermark4135 offspring36310 parent:flash sentry2815 parent:sunset shimmer1376 parents:flashimmer217 race swap13637 shimmercorn623 shipping191742 straight130109 watermark15041


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