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Someone requested me to do this(I'm not sure if he/she wants me to mention his/her name), so I didn't use a base. But I don't own the background.

Background: www.deviantart.com/boneswolbac…
Background owner: BonesWolbach

Queen Sunset Shimmer X Flash Sentry: princess Sunrise

Hope you like it! Also, I finally created Sunrise's cutie mark!
safe (1482875) artist:californsaishi001 (6) flash sentry (11377) sunset shimmer (53000) oc (554435) oc:sunrise (53) alicorn (175103) pony (761959) alicorn oc (19369) alicornified (4041) base used (12154) deviantart watermark (1705) family (3713) female (807760) flashimmer (1602) male (274999) obtrusive watermark (2632) offspring (30567) parent:flash sentry (2303) parent:sunset shimmer (1231) parents:flashimmer (186) race swap (11564) shimmercorn (572) shipping (171514) straight (113555) watermark (13354)


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