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Fluttershy x Big Mac

Fluttershy x Discord


Cameo (Formerly Flitter Seed):
Being named after an apple, you know he's apart of the apple family. He's the older of the two, though often mistaken to be younger than his half brother due to, well, Entropy's half draconequus. His speach is limited to a few choice words like his dad, though he can have entire conversations with his close friends and brother.

Entropy (Formerly Feral Entropy):
He takes more after his mother in personality, though he can have short bursts of "Chaotic Madness" as CP likes to call it, then he feels as if he's had a hangover afterwards. Entropy is really self conscious about this and is scared about hurting ponies, with Discord usually finding his son before he can.
safe1637322 artist:lepiswerid61 oc641625 oc:cameo (lepiswerid)2 oc:entropy (lepiswerid)3 draconequus10137 hybrid16801 pegasus265023 pony902625 black background5040 colored hooves5211 feathered fetlocks447 half-siblings577 interspecies offspring6617 male350382 mane1638 marsverse35 offspring36180 parent:big macintosh2873 parent:discord2978 parent:fluttershy4412 parents:discoshy989 parents:fluttercordmac1 parents:fluttermac1236 simple background370017 spikes680 tail23368 tail feathers843


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