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Who wants HORSE CARDS? 'cause I got CHOKESLAMMED into doing the art for TWO HORSE CARDS by CONFIRMED HORSE @lil_mizz_jay Card one is MEAN GIRLS! They will be actual physical HORSE CARDS that you can BUY and OWN and PLAY 52-PICKUP WITH! GET THEM HERE:
suggestive134991 alternate version39929 artist:limebreaker134 angel bunny9590 starlight glimmer46432 trixie64906 anthro245041 abs10113 belly button72620 big breasts75706 breasts260106 busty starlight glimmer2237 busty trixie3830 cape9707 cleavage32781 clothes434543 detached sleeves151 ear hold3 female1302830 females only11983 grin35486 hat81586 huge breasts35377 leotard4360 playing card525 smiling229617 top hat3994 trixie's cape3567 underboob3745


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Background Pony #FF8E
A little late to post this, since fundraising for the cards ended on 1 Dec. :/
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