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Someone made what may or may not have been a joke request in a drawthread in /mlp/ on 4chan, and I responded with an edit of an edit of an edit of an edit of a meme.
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O. Hancock
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@Background Pony #DE9E
I feel silly explaining a joke, as that's usually an easy way to ruin it, but it's fine; my autistic screeching pedantic nature dictates that I share my knowledge on a subject when relevant.

There are people that could explain it far better than I can, but ">No hooves" is basically a joke from 4chan's /MLP/ board, or an expression of the sentiment that the user finds non-pony entities unattractive or is disinterested in them.

I have been in many a chat room where someone posts a picture of a woman or something and is met with at least one cry of ">no hooves."

It's usually not too serious, but there's often an element of truth to it. Many bronies don't watch any "regular" porn, and some bronies are disinterested with almost any non-pony media.

Also, some use >no hooves as an expression of disdain or disinterest for Equestria Girls. Personally, I can definitely get behind that, lol.

So the joke here is that a boy went to Equestria and was met with a stereotypical anon's >no hooves mentality. It could be seen as ironic.