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Top Bug.
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I mean, my highest value is loyalty by a thorough margin. Thorax breaks that value in multiple places, so for me… not really.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
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If we're going by birthrates here,
Choosing between the mama machinegun and mannlicher mama…

I'll choose the right one obviously.
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@Background Pony #2CD6
Why do you think for generations Ponykind feared "The Changeling Menace" and did everything in their power to marginalize and segregate Changelingkind

The Ponies were aware of Changelings superior fertility and fecundity

They knew if measures weren't taken, Changelings would spread across all of Equestria, outbreeding Ponykind and furthermore even interbreeding with Ponykind until there was no longer an Equestria, only one massive Hive under the rule of its beloved Queen
Background Pony #2CD6
They can try to pump out a foal per year for three millennia, and hope for occasional twins/triplets/etc.
But by the time they have 3,000+ foals, Chrysalis will have had a few million more.
So, in short…

They can't