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My contribution to the 2020 community collab, kinda…

I wanted to draw me and my friend LeoNero's OCs playing guitar and singing, and then I'll have someone turn it into a digital vector so that can be used on the collab itself. About the drawing itself, holy fuck was it a nightmare! Myoozik was pretty easy for me, but drawing Sunray was so goddamn difficult, especially his guitar that I wanted to give up and start over but I didn't want to risk losing Myoozik who was already completed so I tried my best so sorry if he came out looking sloppy and off.

Edit: The vector is done. Thanks to LightningBolt for creating it

Either way, here's my contribution to the collab and I hope you like it.

Art by me
Myoozik The Dragon belongs to me
Sunray Shadow belongs to LeoNero
safe (1504192) artist:myoozik (31) derpibooru exclusive (22380) oc (568193) oc only (386642) oc:myoozik the dragon (27) oc:sunray shadow (13) dragon (43694) acoustic guitar (154) bipedal (28734) brown eyes (342) cap (3344) clothes (382871) cutie mark (37050) cutie mark on clothes (757) dragon oc (594) glasses (50752) guitar (4129) happy (25752) hat (70821) jewelry (44256) looking at each other (14419) male (282597) musical instrument (6372) necklace (13523) photo (68948) playing (1262) playing instrument (104) raised leg (6216) shirt (18958) singing (5520) sketchbook (263) smiling (197955) socks (53055) spread wings (44402) stallion (82945) standing (9152) striped socks (17985) strumming (12) top hat (3462) traditional art (103653) wings (61682)


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