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safe (1487372) artist:5mmumm5 (190) adagio dazzle (11419) aria blaze (8805) sonata dusk (12123) equestria girls (167753) ass (38151) bubblegum (962) butt (16710) cinema (343) clothes (376615) drinking (2727) drinking straw (445) eating (7975) female (811844) food (54965) gum (789) leggings (1495) legs (5897) looking at you (129007) pigtails (3419) ponytail (14040) popcorn (1328) schrödinger's pantsu (234) shoes removed (12) sitting (49274) socks (52175) sonata donk (370) the dazzlings (3865) thighs (5965) trio (6458) trio female (776) twintails (1213)


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I didn't think Sonata would be the one out of the three of them who takes her shoes off in a movie theater, but at least they're sitting up front and not behind some poor unfortunate soul who would have to deal with their antics throughout the film

god I wish that were me though

Aria: "…He will die."
Sonata: "Eeek, don't spoiler please."
Aria: "Oh, come one… it's obvious."
Sonata: "Mean! You ruined the movie."
Aria: "Not my fault if you are stupid."
Sonata: "Grrr…."
Adagio: "JUST STOP IT!"