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safe1586000 artist:dwk184 angel bunny9424 big macintosh26980 bloomberg143 boulder (pet)1235 bow hothoof921 braeburn6107 brian (balloon animal)30 bright mac1147 bulk biceps3238 burnt oak107 button mash3798 capper dapperpaws1453 caramel2363 care package130 chancellor neighsay588 cheese sandwich3642 cranky doodle donkey918 discord28911 doctor horse364 doctor stable370 doctor whooves10119 donut joe757 double diamond1566 fashion plate152 feather bangs493 fernando the straw29 filthy rich1076 firelight345 flam2023 flash magnus713 flash sentry12140 flim2142 gallus5884 garble1630 gentle breeze297 grampa gruff261 grand pear223 grogar1252 gummy4860 hoity toity955 hondo flanks482 hoo'far464 hugh jelly231 igneous rock pie821 iron will1299 jack pot265 jeff letrotski180 kevin (changeling)147 king grover95 king sombra12742 li'l cheese354 lord tirek4782 microchips1247 mudbriar725 night light2025 normal norman858 owlowiscious1922 party favor1434 peewee284 pharynx873 pickle barrel149 pipsqueak2716 pistachio159 prince blueblood3869 prince rutherford686 pumpkin smoke121 rockhoof986 rumble3799 rusty bucket70 sandbar4688 scorpan274 seabreeze486 señor huevos57 shining armor21899 short fuse132 snails5152 snips4010 soarin'13368 special delivery130 spike75221 star swirl the bearded1871 star tracker339 steamer59 steven magnet559 storm king1100 stygian697 sunburst5901 sunny skies111 swoon song175 tank2614 terramar675 thorax4012 thunderlane3822 time turner10103 tom864 trenderhoof827 trouble shoes1056 truffle shuffle418 zephyr breeze2109 oc610895 oc:>rape50 oc:anon11408 oc:mandopony382 oc:ponigg13 oc:red170 breezie2040 dog8669 dragon48764 human143800 pony853553 equestria girls181696 my little pony: pony life3216 my little pony: the movie17961 the last problem4239 /mlp/9193 4chan6273 >rape268 barneyfag10 community related3473 contest301 dan vs544 doctor eggman330 drinking straw574 gigachad spike767 holder's boulder171 m.a. larson594 male308656 nicolas cage236 pony hitler49 razer13 scruffy124 security guard176 sonic the hedgehog (series)7096 spike the dog2475 the burdened61 tirac104 tirek (g1)28 tree27834 tymbal3 wall of tags2398


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18 comments posted
Background Pony #A9E7
This contest turned to joke the moment Discord lost to memes. There are no women or actual fans voting for these characters. Just bunch of people who are still nostalgic for S1-S2 and only sit in Anon generals. This would never have any chance to stand on equal footing as waifu contests since voters are either disinterested in the male characters or are jealous that they stole their waifu(Discord and Cheese losing to pets and memes)
Background Pony #1CE3
I don't even care who wins at this point, this result is amusing enough as it is.
Still rooting for Anon, though.