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It was a beautiful spring day. Nature was truly at its finest. Flowers were in bloom, animals were running along the gorgeous fields and birds were singing their finest ballads, the world could be only be described as surrealistic canvas. With all that in mind, discord decided it would be the perfect day to spend time and teach his one and only beloved son, Lisianthus. It was high time they started practicing real and raw draconequus magic.

Discord made a promise to Fluttershy and himself to spent time with their son. Their little flower was almost reaching five and his father was excited to do with him what he was the most familiar with: magic. It was not like discord didn't want to spent time with his cub, it's just that he was afraid that he was gonna be a failure of a father since he didn't have the luxury of spending time with his parents, their deaths still fresh in his mind, the loss still hurting. But now, having a descendent himself he would try to do anything in his extraterrestrial power to be perfect.

Lisianthus, unlike discord, didn't specialize in chaos but rather nature magic. There was some disappointment on his father's part but he welcomed the little cub with open arms nonetheless, besides at the tender age of five, the young draconequus could potentially learn more than just that.

"Now my boy" discord began, voice booming and confident "here we have a simple,boring and uninteresting flower seed with no potential whatsoever to become something extraordinary. What I want you to do, or rather try to do is, after I plant it in the soil, use your little power in order to make it bloom into something worth people's time" he said, curiosity and hope filled in his crimson red eyes. The cub looked up at him , determination plastered all over his fuzzy little face" I promise that I will give it my best shot papa" Lisianthus exclaimed proudly, puffing his chest to emphasize his words. With that, the spawn of chaos began his task by surging as much magic into the soil and subsequently into the seed until it started to poke out of the earth, free of its prison and out in the open. At first it was nothing but a bright green flower until hues of red, pink and yellow started to appear along with markings on the plants middle. When the process stopped, a rather strange flower, with a weird big red egg like top appeared before them.
"Well, this is peculiar " the older draconequus said, making a move to touch (or burst) the top of his son's creation.
Before he could touch though, the top opened revealing a moth full of dark red teeth, lunging forward to bite at whatever dared to disturb it and screeching, it's sound that of a seagull. " fascination!" Discord said, proudly looking down at his cub. Looks like the little guy has some chaos in him after all. What else could this little curious creature do?
"Come forth my son, show daddy what other stuff your tiny gardening hands can do!!!"

Domestic fluff featuring dadcord and chubby baby Lisianthus. I am actually really proud of how discord came out


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