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#inktoberday14 #inktober #Inktober2019 #MLP #Overgrown Starswirl the bearded fighting off the overgrown Everfree forest! I had a ton of fun sketching and inking this one :D (Also accidentally thought it was overgrowth and not overgrown… oops!)


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safe (1483463) artist:cadetredshirt (283) star swirl the bearded (1810) starswirl (9) pony (762422) unicorn (225872) beard (2846) bells (321) cloak (3520) clothes (375067) determined (502) facial hair (4257) hat (69343) horn (30829) kneeling (6744) magic (60455) male (275195) moustache (2608) plant (1373) solo (912572) stallion (80095) thorns (196) traditional art (102076) unshorn fetlocks (19873) vine (1020) wizard hat (791)


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