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safe1635793 artist:argodaemon225 artist:hotdiggedydemon496 edit125272 editor:oliver hancock0 apple bloom47943 diamond tiara9945 haymaker10 rainbow dash226201 scootaloo50083 silver spoon6336 spike76525 sunset shimmer59851 sweetie belle47731 pony900943 .mov1102 magic.mov55 3d69487 abuse6901 animated95140 bitch158 blizzard entertainment49 bow26431 boxing glove41 boxing gloves942 cup5908 cutie mark crusaders18550 cutiespark146 fight5931 floppy ears48622 glare8122 gonna fly now1 hair bow14429 hoofbump1070 jackass59 jewelry56866 justice130 necklace16822 pearl necklace1101 ponies the anthology v64 pony.mov317 punch1180 raised hoof41911 retribution2 revenge819 rocky (movie)16 scan lines25 scootabuse620 shitposting1404 smiling229375 smirk11769 sound7969 source filmmaker42271 tiarabuse260 tongue out96938 verbal abuse52 vhs176 vulgar19891 water12175 webm11791 wide eyes16505 youtube poop351 ytpmv43