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This is when Twilight becomes pregnant with Starswirl Sparkles (I know common name for every pony who made a Twilight next gen but Starswirl rather be call Star/Starry) and she went to Canterlot to visit her son Fizzy Sparkle who is training to become a royal guard with his Momma Tempest Shadow

Back ground by: Jeatz-Axl here Twilight's Room Interior
Adopted Fizzy Sparkle from: TheBigEarredBat
safe (1485229) artist:qamrah (3) twilight sparkle (269472) oc (555971) oc:fizzy sparkle (1) alicorn (175587) pony (763981) alternate hairstyle (22247) blushing (162071) bookshelf (2612) canterlot (4232) crown (11905) female (810064) glasses (49737) jewelry (42860) leonine tail (6250) magical lesbian spawn (8928) male (275890) mare (365786) offspring (30664) parent:tempest shadow (1736) parent:twilight sparkle (6547) parents:tempestlight (378) preglight sparkle (119) pregnant (11539) regalia (13787) smiling (193652) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107289) twilight's canterlot home (147) unshorn fetlocks (19925)


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