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This is when Twilight becomes pregnant with Starswirl Sparkles (I know common name for every pony who made a Twilight next gen but Starswirl rather be call Star/Starry) and she went to Canterlot to visit her son Fizzy Sparkle who is training to become a royal guard with his Momma Tempest Shadow

Back ground by: Jeatz-Axl here Twilight's Room Interior
Adopted Fizzy Sparkle from: TheBigEarredBat
safe1639810 artist:qamrah3 twilight sparkle291801 oc643338 oc:fizzy sparkle1 alicorn211168 pony905443 alternate hairstyle26336 blushing186534 bookshelf3352 canterlot5455 crown15514 female1305534 glasses58294 jewelry57230 leonine tail7770 magical lesbian spawn11120 male351263 mare449973 offspring36277 parent:tempest shadow2206 parent:twilight sparkle7846 parents:tempestlight493 preglight sparkle247 pregnant12742 regalia18160 smiling230378 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119943 twilight's canterlot home188 unshorn fetlocks22950


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