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Spike: Dang it! I can't… I must…! farts hard
Big Macintosh: Same! also farts hard
Spike: Oh shattered gems! starts to poop CRAP!
Big Macintosh: Ha… Oh burnt pies! farts very hard
Discord: Oh no!
Big Macintosh: farts and starts to poop,
Both, Spike and Big Macintosh: goes ahhhh… pooping
DIscord: Ok this too much, tell me when these two dumpers are done.
suggestive135366 artist:gooeybird46 edit125767 edited screencap60858 screencap213793 big macintosh27427 discord29759 spike76674 draconequus10200 dragon52222 pony905734 the break up breakdown616 1000 hours in ms paint5372 blushing186597 cropped47361 fart2047 fart cloud89 fart edit99 fart fetish950 farting contest17 fetish37593 had to poop1 have to poop2 implied anus79 kitchen1721 male351361 males only3749 package349 poop5109 pooping1789 pooping together46 stallion100740


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