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Originally Posted September 6, 2014:
Blah blah blah… Oh hello internet. Why am I here agian? Ah yes, to share my art with you all. That's it!

So if you did not know this, Red June and Valiant Heart (the two big ponies) do NOT belong to me. They belong to this lovely las who's deviant art page can be found right here.

Link: kilala97.deviantart.com

Now on to the explaining…

I have couple head cannons about Red and Valiant, not to mention I have created my interpretation as of what their offspring would look like. If you have not seen the picture showing the three in their adult forms (cutie marks included) you can follow this link and then come right back.

Link: psponyartist.deviantart.com/ar…

Okay, now we're good.

So the first thing I predict is that Red June would want a crap ton of kids. Also, I think she'd be one of those mares who LOVES being pregnant. She would be "glowing" (as some like to put it) and be full of energy. Not to mention she'd get really lovey and snugly which Valiant wouldn't mind I'm sure. So that could also contribute to the fact that they end up having three kids.

In this pic Berry between four and five, Glory is around one or two, and little Ruby was like just born (but had been cleaned up and stuff)

So yeah, now I'm just rambling. Probably 'cause I'm tired and sore from sitting with my iPad in my face for at least four hours. Yay.

So fav and comment. (Note: I do enjoy it a great deal more when you comment…. Just sayin' )
safe1640607 artist:psponyartist20 oc643850 oc:berry blue22 oc:garden glory2 oc:red june50 oc:ruby red5 oc:valiant heart67 alicorn211303 earth pony224525 pegasus266480 pony906116 unicorn295969 kilalaverse1018 alicorn oc24519 baby10059 baby pony6313 colt14091 family4264 female1306240 filly62930 male351537 mare450343 next next generation33 oc x oc14250 offspring36306 offspring shipping692 offspring's offspring514 parent:big macintosh2887 parent:cheerilee390 parent:oc:red june6 parent:oc:valiant heart7 parent:princess cadance1467 parent:shining armor1277 parents:cheerimac265 parents:oc x oc1213 parents:shiningcadance891 prone24456 shipping191735 simple background371254 stallion100798 straight130105 unshorn fetlocks22961 white background92051


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