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I found those hussies who look like the girls from Beauty and the Beast who follow around Feather Bangs (and some random bitch) in #PonyTown
safe1635962 dear darling190 fond feather186 swoon song194 oc640790 oc:cherry days24 bat pony46130 earth pony222659 pegasus264526 pony901090 unicorn293627 pony town3480 bat pony oc15638 bimbettes160 blushing185894 bow26435 choker10661 clothes434132 eyes closed85892 eyeshadow14387 female1302086 flower23825 flower in hair7092 hair bow14431 makeup19691 mare448131 pixel art9928 plushie22880 prone24400 sitting58829 smiling229402 snow13272 socks61603 striped socks20512 tail bow5097


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