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Tatzldash is up next. This is one of the projects that never saw the light of day.

This would have been a short and simple comic about Rainbow Dash learning to not be a selfish ass about food that doesn't belong to her. It would have involved her getting obsessed with zap apples, only for the magic within the apples to react with her status as the Element of Loyalty, mutating her into a gluttonous tatzlpony. AJ and her family would then chase her around and buck some sense back into her to bring her back to normal, save for a couple of signs of the transformation still being present.

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safe1552199 artist:parallel black196 rainbow dash216901 monster pony3424 original species22667 tatzlpony1204 alternate cutie mark1366 apple14368 basket2629 belly23666 eating8497 food59167 guilty84 simple background336593 sketch57861 species swap17892 stuffed1394 tatzldash14 traditional art107505 white background84500 zap apple390


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