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The creation of King Speedy Hooves has always been a little bit confusing and I understand as to why it is such. The first comic i did with goattrain was a rather roughly incomplete (and overpriced) mess that only showed 4 pages showing the same thing. Suffice to say that should have been the last time I commissioned that ego-maniac of an artist.

Anyways, here is a much more improved reversion of the same event, now portrayed as a flashback within our fusion stallions mind replaying how it all went down. Much more illustrated and improved by the awesome and far superior chedx

Thx mate!!

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safe1635783 artist:chedx356 big macintosh27364 flash sentry12328 shining armor22327 trouble shoes1098 earth pony222603 pegasus264454 pony900930 unicorn293546 comic:the fusion flashback48 butt bump717 comic104488 commissioner:bigonionbean1783 dialogue61813 doodle2586 dresser260 frightened268 fusion4878 hat81477 magic69550 potion1969 scared9887 slammed door5 writer:bigonionbean1513


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