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I put enough work into this armour a while back that I wanted to show it off again. Unlike some things I make, it is not kitbashed, but is 100% my own work, modeling and texturing. Substance Painter is amazing.

Also the hammer, which I made because someone suggested that they'd think of Celestia as a paladin type hammer user in a fantasy party.
The original image is this, and here is a turntable render. I should redo that at higher resolution.

Also, ack, the contour feathers on my old wing design are embqarassingly bad. I'm still not fully happy with the new wings I've put together, but thhey are at least better.

I couldn't decide which lighting I preferred, so I posted both, and am just copypasta-ing this description. And yes, I did use that picture of Mercy as one of my pose references.

Other version >>2220531
safe1639675 artist:stellarator412 princess celestia92323 alicorn211142 anthro245800 unguligrade anthro45421 3d69908 armor22708 blender5685 cycles619 diadem62 fantasy class1448 female1305436 hammer1650 hipposandals50 horn55862 jewelry57218 mare449939 not sfm728 regalia18155 smiling230356 solo1020258 tiara3617 turntable1129 war hammer278 warrior1275 warrior celestia375 weapon29053 wings93135


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