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So this came purely out of me wanting to draw Lil' Princess Luna, but a story developed in my mind as I was drawing.

What if when Luna was little (like, before she even had earned her CM- assuming things worked like that for Lulu and Tia…) she had always had frequent nightmares which caused her to be afraid of the night? But then something like a Munna came along and started making her bad dreams go away. The Munna could have visited her every night, so that Luna would actually look forward to her bedtime. The Munna could play with Luna in her dreams until she was able to sleep soundly on her own. And then when that time finally came, Luna loved the night and was inspired by the Munna to help guide others through their nightmares so that they wouldn't have to ever feel afraid or alone in the night… large intake of air THE END. Okay, so it's not that much of a story…
safe1636767 artist:ichigochichi18 princess celestia92199 princess luna96417 human148400 munna9 :o3561 barefoot26167 cloud28892 cute189239 duo54475 feet37422 female1302745 filly62730 galaxy583 humanized97261 looking at each other18258 lunabetes3376 open mouth132986 plushie22889 pokémon8809 woona4998 younger16414


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