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( Sincere Scholar may be a busy mare, but she always makes time for students that need a helping hoof. Being the kind and approachable mare she is, Rainbow gained the confidence to ask Ms Scholar if magic was possible given earth pony limitations.
Sincere gently lifted Rainbow's chin which was a little lower than normal and gave her a soft smile. She then turned around and grabbed a dusty old hat from the cabinet along with a black stick with two white segmenets either end.

Her gaze turned to Rainbow once again and this time she squinted her face into the biggest grin and uttered these words.
'"The only thing limiting your potential is you" )

Couldn't have said it better myself!! Love what you did with the two boo!

Excellent job by RainbowTashie
safe1635776 artist:rainbowtashie624 angel bunny9584 oc640664 oc:princess sincere scholar70 oc:rainbow tashie241 alicorn210230 earth pony222599 pony900915 alicorn oc24379 alicorn princess322 chalkboard2704 clothes434052 commissioner:bigonionbean1783 cute189070 cutie mark43895 fusion4878 fusion:princess sincere scholar70 hat81476 nintendo 64226 royalty1092 wand1268 writer:bigonionbean1513


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