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Here they are from left to right:

First one is called Minty Stripes. (Representing Christmas)
Minty is a Zony (mother was a zebra, father was an earth pony), she enjoys making minty flavoured foods and candy. She has an interest in punk rock music, as her father used to be a member of a small indy punk rock band, which helped her get into the music. Her mother also worked in a sweet shop, which is where she got herinterest in sweets from. Minty also sings and plays gutiar, and wants to make her own band someday.
Also, unlike some Zebras like Zecora who speak in rhymes, Minty instead replaces that by making a lot of puns. Quality level verifies XD

Second one is Candlelit Glow. (Representing Hanukah)
Candlelit is from a religious family who make a living selling and making candels, and she is Hoofish, and enjoys celebrating the Winter Hoofish holiday of Hanucanter. (Hoofism and Hoofish are supposed to be like the pony version of Judaism and being Jewish, with Hanucanter being their version fo Hanukah)
She is a nerdy pony with a lisp, and she actually enjoys researching about beaches and shellfish, even having her own pet crab called Sheldon (Her religion says that she can't eat shellfish, it didn't say anything about keeping them as pets )
Due to a bad experience going into a beach as a filly however, she is deathly afraid of the thought of dying via drowning (She was lttle and when tyring to get a closer look at something in the water, she fell in and gotstuck and she panicked)

Last one is Party Sparkler (Representing New Years Eve)
She is a professional DJ that loves to party and go wild, with her favourite type of music being EDM music. She enjoys a lot of bright colors, and likes to include them into her appearance (She likes to constandly de her hair various colors, along with wearing diffrent types of contact lense. These are her normal hair and eye colors)
She also has a tate for sour foods and sweets as well, she's not a fan of chocolate XD

All 3 of them are very close friends
safe1579125 artist:nintendoponyaddict7 oc606932 oc only410619 oc:candlelit glow3 oc:minty stripes3 oc:party sparkler3 hybrid15330 pegasus240762 pony848425 unicorn267506 zebra15791 zony749 blank flank7043 bracelet7932 braces1233 clothes410315 ear piercing21734 earring18040 female902129 freckles25496 grin33087 hairpin1294 jewelry51211 judaism116 leg warmers2223 lip piercing956 mare416938 markings1019 multicolored hair4195 necklace15328 piercing35026 religion609 simple background346750 smiling215856 sweater13191 transparent background180092 wristband3071


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