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source needed13082 safe1555762 artist:candyclumsy536 artist:multi-commer23 apple bloom46193 diamond tiara9583 ocellus4387 scootaloo48824 silver spoon6176 silverstream5157 smolder6422 sweetie belle46284 yona4357 oc593858 oc:empress hopeful bourbon1 oc:queen aurora port2 changeling39078 dragon46608 earth pony190598 hybrid14726 original species22720 pegasus232511 pony826924 unicorn257689 yak3740 yakony71 comic:the great big fusion 38 apple14395 apple tree2673 clubhouse694 collapse25 comic100056 confused4058 crusaders clubhouse660 cutie mark crusaders17533 dialogue58873 dragoness6481 female880029 food59377 fusion4330 fusion:empress hopeful bourbon1 fusion:queen aurora port2 hug25055 magic64538 merge212 potion1756 shy3422 tree26874 treehouse177


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Background Pony #7D38
and the 4th princess will be with luna and the 5th will be with Cadance! oh the 6th will be with flurry heart(many years later)
Background Pony #87C8
I wonder if someone could make a fanfic out “ the Great fusion 1 ” comic
Algebroot Neogears
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Oh boy!

Would all the others be (or have been) fused? If so, then behold THE ULTIMATE POWER when they all unite! (but still not anywhere near the same amount of power as Celestia)
Background Pony #28F1
I'm not sure if empress and goddess holds the same position in equestria, but I'm interested to see how the meeting goes down…