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No, I don't believe in him. I'm an M. A. Larson atheist; I believe that "Swarm of the Century" got to be on the air through random mutation and natural selection.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I can believe in the writers all I want, but there's always the chance that the executive meddling will damage the show — and there will be times when the damage is too much to overcome it with good writing.

For some reason, Homicide: Life on the Street comes to mind.

Yeah, I'm old… =/
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One of the best things about the show circa Lauren Faust was a sense of balance. There were two ailecorns, one for day and one for night, who each embodied all three pony races The Mane Six had a tomboy and girly pony for each pony race. The CMC had one of each. I could go on.

Decisions like turning Cadence and Twilight ailecorns, or denying the earth pony aspects of the Royal Pony Sisters, spit in the face of a carefully balanced mythos. I can completely understand why Lauren stopped watching the show before she could see her vision perverted by the forces of marketing.
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I don't accept the assumed premise you tried to sneak in that a talented writer can pull off anything whatsoever. No matter how good a writer is, some things are just terrible ideas.

Larson may do his best to polish the turd he's been handed, but a shiny turd is still a turd.
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Magic Duel is indeed shit, but I would say "It's About Time" was almost as bad.

The guy is just too much of a friggin' nerd for me to handle, I'm sorry.