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LBAU design for Pinkamena again, along with Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy.
Before you ask, there are no Rarity and Rainbow Dash. They’re dead, and that’s all I’ll really say.
safe1919689 artist:modocrisma115 applejack184762 fluttershy233243 pinkie pie234550 twilight sparkle326930 alicorn264504 butterfly8219 earth pony338793 pegasus382775 pony1267199 unicorn420469 alternate design3867 alternate universe11281 au:lbau31 aura1003 bag6883 bags under eyes2395 chest fluff50581 choker16454 depressed1016 doodle3697 female1554929 floppy ears62318 hair tie1163 hairpin2935 horn108729 jewelry86025 looking at you207415 magic83738 mare588347 necklace24842 nervous6797 oil499 paper3794 pen drawing404 pendant2038 pinkamena diane pie20672 short hair2433 shy5069 sketch70987 stain135 traditional art128703 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135749 unamused19645 watermark20154


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