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and the little special ends with a traditional card! Though Mocha is still questioning what just happened.

Also this is the first time I've drawn Sahara as a full pony, if you're wondering what her cutie mark is, it's the desert rose!

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safe1751085 artist:novaspark1572 oc712272 oc only465679 oc:mocha glaze67 oc:morpha54 oc:nova spark374 oc:sahara63 goo1574 goo pony1930 lamia2163 monster pony3622 original species26593 tatzlpony1435 christmas14156 christmas card33 christmas sweater187 clothes476233 holiday20433 species swap20677 sweater14925 transformation11326


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Would this guy be happier if he gets to transform info a tatzlpony and absorb the others?
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