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Merry Christmas-ish, the season be busy and my actual holiday post isn’t done yet, so have this infinitely better gag comic instead!

Honeycrisp Blossom wasn’t short for anything until I had this idea, now it might just be short for Honora-Corazon Blossom, though please don’t share that secret with anyone poor Hon Bun just might faint with embarrassment.
safe (1502749) artist:honeycrisp-tales (40) oc (567306) oc only (385710) oc:dolly dusk (47) oc:honeycrisp blossom (221) equestria girls (170019) :t (3623) blue background (3447) blushing (164755) comic (95545) duo (43659) embarrassed (9381) eyes closed (73778) full name (69) implied princess cadance (194) laughing (6608) offscreen character (26758) offspring (31307) open mouth (113047) parent:big macintosh (2332) parent:chancellor neighsay (52) parent:princess cadance (1265) parent:sonata dusk (158) parents:cadmac (246) parents:neighsaynota (3) puffy cheeks (3325) shrunken pupils (2082) simple background (316566) wavy mouth (3121)


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