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Commission: Coco
Patreon commission for Retropony ♥
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suggestive167813 artist:arnachy1045 coco pommel6551 earth pony339446 anthro304946 absolute cleavage4518 big breasts101988 blushing231294 bra18618 breasts329933 busty coco pommel667 cleavage39711 clothes540857 commission91983 curvy8089 erect nipples13868 female1556524 floppy ears62419 heart58407 huge breasts47199 lingerie12075 looking at you207703 mare589272 nipple outline9290 panties56188 plump7861 sexy36071 sitting75563 smiling316028 socks78782 solo1227180 solo female201850 squishy3090 stockings40363 strapless2321 strapless bra118 thick5247 thigh highs46360 underwear68886


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Background Pony #195E
@Lupin Quill  
I mean, she’s just one of those petite-sounding mares in the world of fashion and design. She reminds me of this cute, tiny girl I went to school with… So maybe I’m biased, but I just don’t see her as being chubby. I don’t have a problem with it or anyone’s fantasies, but I personally would see it making more sense for Mrs. Cake, Spoiled Rich, Princess Celestia, Ms. Harshwhinny, one of Scootaloo’s aunt’s, maybe even Cheerilee. I don’t judge people though. I mean, obviously some people defy expectations. But usually… ya know. I used to date a girl with a figure like this (except she had the rather unfortunate disposition of also having small tits.) She had a lot of issues and problems in her life, though, that she didn’t know how to handle, so she overate. (And no I’m not an asshole. I didn’t leave her because of it. We just weren’t very compatible.) I just don’t see Coco yet at that stage, she seems young and eager to be about her work and not needing a snack 24/7 while she does. No offense. If it makes you feel better I’m like 20 pounds overweight myself, and I used to be like 60.
Again, everyone’s free to have their fantasies. I ain’t judging.
I’mma shut up now.
Background Pony #195E
I can’t see Coco this fat. Just doesn’t fit her. That’s just my 2 cents. Good art quality nonetheless.👌