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suggestive (120220) artist:teabucket (370) ms. harshwhinny (2120) oc (567318) oc:chug-a-lug (13) anthro (214130) earth pony (172998) belly (22402) belly expansion (338) big belly (7497) breasts (220513) button popping (171) christmas (11763) comic (95547) fat (18683) fat fetish (985) female (827030) fetish (32254) growth (4595) hat (70729) hearthswarming (12) holiday (15102) huge belly (1507) male (282204) mare (375581) ms. lardwhinny (63) santa hat (5354) stallion (82814) stuffing (1093) wardrobe malfunction (4212) weight gain (3351)


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2 comments posted
Careless Whisper

If just one bite made her bloat up that much… I'd feed her the rest of the patch. Not really caring if I get disqualified from… whatever contest (or something) that guy is entered in.