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safe1585999 artist:yin dash2 edit119102 edited screencap56929 screencap203141 amethyst star2303 blues918 carrot top5170 daisy2234 doctor whooves10119 flower wishes2100 fluttershy199283 golden harvest5170 iron will1299 lemon hearts1923 lily1801 lily valley1800 minuette5403 noteworthy919 pinkie pie204440 roseluck4701 sparkler2154 time turner10103 earth pony202848 goat1031 minotaur902 pegasus243728 pony853551 unicorn270335 putting your hoof down715 animated92490 background pony9318 background pony audience337 combustible lemon11 dispenser69 female908815 male308655 mare419779 portal (valve)1135 portal 2321 sound6896 stallion93928 webm10356 when life gives you lemon5 youtube link4601


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