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Filled in one of the YCH for myself, haha.
I wanted to do my lamia Sunset meeting canon Twilight Sparkle.
Oh, happy new year by the way!
Also, no Twilight is not naked, lol. The coils just cover her dress.
dead source31760 safe1917160 artist:wubcakeva1221 sci-twi28127 sunset shimmer70728 twilight sparkle326691 lamia2544 monster girl441 equestria girls228061 armlet261 bandeau1017 belly button92382 blushing230738 coils1437 constriction217 elf ears2243 fangs31551 female1552847 glasses74463 high res80944 jewelry85816 lamiafied531 lesbian106437 long hair5332 midriff21155 necklace24777 open mouth187183 scitwishimmer2513 shipping224569 simple background479920 slit pupils5854 smiling314881 species swap22930 sunset slither17 sunsetsparkle4728 transparent background238925 wrapped24 ych example4437 your character here14908


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Ghost of Zeon

Twilight: “Sunset… too.. tight…. air…”
Sunset: “Oh sorry about that it’s a instinctual reaction to when pray struggles in my coils.”
Twilight: “Yeah that’s…. Wait? What?! Pray?”
Sunset: “Well yeah. I mean lest face it I don’t keep a body this good on rodents and wild fruits. Besides what you think I meant when I said I’m going to love having you for dinner.” She brings her closer to her face slightly drooling.
Twilight: “I thought you meant as guest not the meal!!”
Sunset: “Oh well then I’ll have to make sure you enjoy dinner as much as I will, to make up for the misunderstanding.”
Twilight: “What you mean by that! Your going to eat me assuredly alive given the constrictor type behavior!”
Sunset just smirks as she understands dose her top dropping the golden bras to the ground. “Let me show you.”
Background Pony #647C
Twilight: running out of breath Sunset, can you reduce your squeeze force on me, please?
Lamia Sunset: Oh, sorry about that, Twilight.
Twilight: catching her breath It’s… ok. You didn’t know.