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Lamia Sunset’s human disguise, well, she has to drink a potion for this form to happen, haha.
dead source31827 safe1921175 artist:wubcakeva1221 sunset shimmer70822 lamia2554 monster girl441 original species30491 equestria girls228370 armlet261 bandeau1017 belly button92632 clothes540756 dress51958 elf ears2248 fangs31638 female1556283 high res81158 human form6 implied transformation570 jewelry86145 lamiafied533 long hair5351 midriff21190 necklace24861 open mouth187906 sandals5015 simple background481261 skirt46625 slit pupils5872 solo1227000 species swap22970 sunset slither17 transparent background239486


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Background Pony #388A
Me: strolling through town Sure is nice out today. I wonder how Lamia Sunset is doing.
Lamia Sunset: in her human disguise Now that I’ll blend in with the other humans, I can make my way without scaring anyone.
We both make our way through town and we eventually run into each other
Me: notices a somewhat familiar girl and whispers to her Lamia Sunset?
Lamia Sunset: turns and sees me Why, hello there!
Me: I didn’t know you could turn into one of us humans!
Lamia Sunset: I drink a potion to turn into this form.
Me: Im guessing you drink another potion to turn back.
Lamia Sunset: nods
Me: Honestly, I think you look more attractive as a human!
L.S.: Really?
Me: Mhm, for me, it’s, mainly, the skirt that you wear while in this form.
L.S.: Well, it is a beautiful skirt. Also, I think my beauty will help out as well. lids her eyes and bats her eyelashes
Me: I can definitely agree with you on that!
We both giggle