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Here Are The Results: Best of 2019
Figured I would make it easy for you if you don't want to go back and order the episodes from our big Tumblr reveal yesterday. These are the top ranked episodes of 2019 as voted by YOU, the people. The categories are split between Derpibooru voters and Tumblr voters.

To me this is always interesting to see the tastes if each community. Each episode is very dependent on the time it is release and if there are holidays around it or certain circumstances such as Equestrian Daily reposting them correctly or at the right time. Any little fluctuation can cause a drop or an increase in viewership. I am personally a little shocked by the top picks this year… they certainly are not my favorites. Heck, I would argue the top voted one wasn't even humorous but more on the lines of drama, meaning people LOVE drama!

Another noticeable thing is how Derpibooru tended to vote more on risky and mature themes while Tumblr did not. Another interesting tidbit for when we reveal the Adorkable Awards is how Derpibooru also voted for characters not based on what they did in the series, but more simply because of who their favorite character was…. so who is the fanbase more involved? I have no idea.

We also see a lot of repeat episodes by both communities. Overall, 2019 saw a lower high vote count, but a more dense middle vote count… as in no one episode ran away with the votes this year and more votes were in the 200s. We had a high LOW number this year too. So the lowest ranked episode had a higher vote count than previous years.

Thanks everyone! Stay tuned for the Adorkable Awards. We also got out first new episode of 2019 premiering tomorrow!
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