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"If Rainbow Blitz is a Cheerleader, who else is in the squad?"

Asked absolutely nobody. XD But I wanted to do it, so I decided to draw this, so here's the rest of Blitz's possible squad.

Allegro Amoroso: Genderbent Adagio Dazzle, The Squad's Captain and resident (Drag)Queen Bee.

Ouvertis Grandioso: Genderbent Aria Blaze

Scherzo Lesto: Genderbent Sonata Dusk

Dopey Hooves: Genderbent Derpy Hooves


Dirk Thistleweed

Not that this is the entire squad-just all I really care to list.
safe (1523945) artist:midday sun (97) adagio dazzle (11616) aria blaze (8934) derpy hooves (47379) dirk thistleweed (131) ragamuffin (equestria girls) (272) sonata dusk (12275) equestria girls (172493) allegro amoroso (79) armpits (39870) belly button (64153) cheerleader (2382) cheerleader outfit (710) clothes (388205) crossdressing (8249) dopey hooves (136) femboy (7420) girly (1107) male (288851) ouvertis grandioso (74) pom pom (1033) rule 63 (24340) scherzo lesto (92) sports (2680) traditional art (105151)


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