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this probably won't count at all, but I wanted to give it a shot, and can't think up an oc pony to save my life. so here's an ordinary weasel who may or may not be my original character do not steal. I'm wearing my favorite superhero on a t-shirt, b/c I suck at drawing so can't get weasels to look show-style enough. I can add a waldo hat on request.

should be scaled to weasel size, then just plunk me down on the back/butt/head of some pony in the picture. I have no shame so I probably climbed up there without permission.

actually, anyone in the collab want me to perch on them for the photo? if you do, say so in the comments. the one making the collab gets to decide though. they could even put me… on the ground… far away from anypony… all alone…
safe1552165 artist:redweasel2 oc591969 oc:filly anon2298 oc:redweasel3 weasel36 2020 community collab1180 derpibooru community collaboration2892 animal3227 barely pony related5709 beady eyes204 clothes399600 female876762 filly58286 shirt20508 simple background336566 solo957113 t-shirt3437 transparent background175543


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What a cutie.
>Be Anon.
>Be a filly.
>Go to pet store with momma Twilight.
>Considering what pet to get with your allowance money, saved up over the course of a few months.
>Do a double take when you see a fucking weasel wearing a shirt with your likeness on it.
>It looks at you with those cold, dead beady eyes
>Right through you.
>You know this look well.
>It's one you feel at home with.
"Mom? Can you come over here? I think I've found something…"
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@Background Pony #2709

I can neither confirm nor deny whether the weasel in that other picture represents my sentiments toward filly anon.

there was a third one I thought, where someone was drowning me in a barrel full of questionable substances, but I can't find it anymore.