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questionable108732 artist:alcor886 artist:magicalmysticva49 bon bon15855 bulk biceps3351 pinkie pie209564 sweetie drops15855 twilight sparkle291260 oc640796 oc:anon11306 alicorn210267 human148148 pony901090 comic:display of passion80 angry25476 animated95146 bipedal32416 blushing185894 butt45015 comic104498 comic dub41 cross-popping veins1490 cute189102 dialogue61821 estrus1561 floppy ears48629 frog (hoof)11470 growling359 meme80142 plot74078 pun7309 sound7974 speech bubble21637 spread wings50616 teleportation592 triggered328 twibutt5074 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119734 underhoof49017 voice90 voice acted4 voice acting285 voice impression9 wavy mouth3399 webm11795 wings92245