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“Welcome to an exciting new year at Canterlot High!” Principal Celestia greeted her students through the school-wide sound system. “As you settle back into the new semester, we hope you all take the time to familiarize yourselves with the many new changes around the campus.” Leaning against her desk, it creaked heavily under her widened rear. Though her sister, Vice Principal Luna, looked up to the noise across the room, Celestia continued nonchalantly.

“As many of you may have noticed by now, those changes include wider doorframes, larger tables, and sturdier chairs to provide ease of access for all students and faculty. Another change we’re excited to announce is a new lunch program that will provide second and third servings for those who meet certain qualifications. If anyone has any questions regarding the program, please feel free to pick up a pamphlet from the main office. Or you can ask us in person, and we can ‘spill the tea’ for you.” Luna rolled her eyes back down to her clipboard, practically hearing the collective groans of every student in the building.

“And of course, we can’t forget about the eight new vending machines that have been installed throughout the campus, as suggested by the students. Although we are always happy to listen to any other suggestions and requests on how we can further improve this school, we hope you understand that PE will still remain a three-year requirement at this time.” Celestia stressed, obviously tired of being asked of this.

“Thank you all! Have yourselves a wonderful day and good luck in the new year!” As she concluded her morning announcements, Celestia sipped her coffee and grabbed herself another jelly-filled doughnut.

“Do you really need another doughnut right now?” Luna smirked. “What ever happened to your resolution?”

“What? It’s low-fat. Forgive me for trying to bring myself a little bit of enjoyment.”

“Well, maybe you can share some of that enjoyment, too,” Luna said as she placed down her paperwork and lumbered herself over to the doughnuts. “After all, you do have two whole boxes here.” She began to scan the boxes for her potential mid-morning snack, stuffing a few doughnut holes into her chubby cheeks as she goes.

The principal could only shrug in response. “I’ll admit, I couldn’t help myself. It just hasn’t been easy waiting for all this… mass to fluctuate.”

“I understand what you mean,” Luna said as she swallowed, “But could you perhaps not use the word ‘fluctuate’ to describe this whole situation? You make it sound like we’re retaining water.” With two treats in hand, Luna walked over to the nearest chair, feeling her bulk sway back and forth. As she lowered her weight down, an audible creak occurred from her wooden seat. “Goodness, we really let ourselves go.”

“Yes, but then again, I don’t think of the students really care. You obviously haven’t seen the way most of the boys have been looking at you. Especially since you decided to go sleeveless,” Celestia teased.

Luna cackled heartily, “Well, you obviously haven’t seen what they’ve written about you in the restroom stalls.”
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This is an atrocious display of misconduct on the vice principal’s part. The male students need to be focused on reading, studying diligently in the library, conditioning for PE, not be exposed to her alluring pillowy arms. Now they’re going to be distracted during lecture daydreaming about how soft and warm they are to the touch, how it must feel to be hugged between them and her ample chest. It’s bad enough that they already stare at her huge belly bouncing and wobbling under her shirt when walking through the hallways. Next thing you know, there will be a line of them outside of her office, claiming to be “struggling with motivation” and wanting some extra counseling time with Vice Principal Luna. Shameful.
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to Neon: will your oc be like a new student to the school, or will she be in her own separate series of yours?
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