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I present… a meme… or something passable, IDK.
safe1586838 edit119179 edited screencap56961 screencap203248 sound edit226 aloe2441 angel bunny9427 apple bloom46849 applejack159977 autumn blaze3353 babs seed5631 berry punch6135 berryshine6125 big macintosh26983 bon bon15721 bow hothoof919 braeburn6109 bright mac1148 burnt oak107 capper dapperpaws1453 carrot cake2031 cheerilee9391 cheese sandwich3642 cherries jubilee144 cherry jubilee1015 clear sky373 cloudy quartz1231 coco pommel5528 coloratura2716 cranky doodle donkey918 cup cake3767 daring do6144 derpy hooves48419 diamond tiara9664 discord28926 dj pon-328211 doctor whooves10119 double diamond1567 fancypants1786 featherweight1210 flam2023 flash magnus716 flash sentry12147 flim2142 fluttershy199378 gabby2169 gallop j. fry222 gallus5891 garble1630 gentle breeze297 georgia (character)24 gilda9136 goldie delicious357 grand pear224 granny smith5027 igneous rock pie821 iron will1299 limestone pie4747 lotus blossom2588 luster dawn1000 lyra heartstrings28097 marble pie6157 matilda462 maud pie11933 mayor mare3075 meadowbrook736 mistmane665 moondancer4404 mudbriar725 night glider1268 night light2028 nurse redheart3273 ocellus4599 octavia melody22629 opalescence1996 owlowiscious1922 party favor1434 pear butter2467 pharynx873 photo finish2551 pinkie pie204544 pipsqueak2718 plaid stripes258 posey shy1063 pound cake2385 prince rutherford686 princess cadance30482 princess celestia90424 princess ember5865 princess flurry heart6313 princess luna94333 pumpkin cake2156 quibble pants1437 rainbow dash220690 rarity170780 river song (character)24 rockhoof986 roseluck4704 rumble3800 saffron masala1580 sandbar4690 sassy saddles941 scootaloo49311 shining armor21920 silver spoon6235 silverstream5334 smolder6732 snails5152 snips4010 soarin'13374 somnambula1670 spike75246 spitfire12801 star swirl the bearded1871 starlight glimmer44293 stygian697 sugar belle2695 sunburst5907 sunset shimmer58198 sweetie belle46839 sweetie drops15721 tank2615 tempest shadow15599 tender taps653 terramar675 thorax4014 thunderlane3825 time turner10103 tree hugger2662 trixie62673 trouble shoes1056 twilight sparkle284403 twilight velvet3878 twist2805 vinyl scratch32306 windy whistles1872 winona2451 yelena23 yona4510 zecora8859 zephyr breeze2109 zippoorwhill362 alicorn197603 breezie2041 changedling7353 changeling40734 dragon48800 pony854525 season 9608 the last problem4250 animated92527 buttercup73 cutie mark crusaders18033 end of ponies767 everycreature42 everypony360 flim flam brothers1181 gigachad spike767 king thorax2618 mane seven5922 mane six29651 meme78792 neon genesis evangelion354 older23428 older applejack542 older fluttershy517 older gallop j. fry26 older mane seven167 older mane six266 older pinkie pie501 older rainbow dash596 older rarity518 older spike4758 older twilight1140 photo71492 prince pharynx622 princess twilight 2.01677 rara1021 rebuild of evangelion22 rebuild of evangelion 2.0 - you can (not) advance1 series finale144 sound6905 spa twins1254 the end201 the magic of friendship grows69 the ride never ends290 tsubasa wo kudasai1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116043 wall of tags2401 webm10369 winged spike7212


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